Surtsey still surprises 2017-01-24

For more details visit: Great minds of the past had no difficulty with the concept of a young earth shaped and reshaped by catastrophic forces, especially the upheavals associated with Noah's Flood. Today, we have been so thoroughly saturated with the 'slow and gradual' philosophy that when we look at vast cliffs, landscapes and boulders we tend to immediately associate them with very long ages. Richard and Calvin discuss Surtsey, a young island that looks incredibly 'old' and how it relates to the creation/evolution controversy. Main article: From Creation magazine 30(1) Surtsey still surprises Related articles • Rapid rock • Call to censor public information at the Giant's Causeway, UK • Devil's Tower and Bible glasses • The Lost Squadron • Surtsey, the young island that 'looks old' For more information on the creation/evolution issue visit 2017-01-24 Creation Magazine LIVE!,Creation magazine,CMI,Genesis,creation evolution,Surtsey,Surtsey island,quick island,fast island,Surtsey geology,Surtsey millions of years,island in days,gradualism,catastrophism

Surtsey still surprises 2017-01-24 Surtsey still surprises 2017-01-24