CMI: Teaching creationism is child abuse? (Part 2) 2017-01-24

Dr Lawrence Krauss calls teaching creationism to children 'child abuse'. He wants to censor any science that contradicts his beliefs about atheism and evolution over millions of years. However, he doesn't seem to grasp foundational philosophical and scientific concepts. Teaching lies to children is wrong because there is a moral law that says lying is wrong. But if atheism is true then there can be no moral law other than people's own opinions. To learn more about the science supporting creation see: Related Articles: Does God Exist? ( Loving God with All Your Mind: Logic and Creation ( `It's not science` ( The battle of beginnings ( All in the mind ( Does it matter what people believe? ( Some myths about scientists ( How to build a bomb in the public school system ( Bomb-building vs. the biblical foundation ( The rules of the game ( A tale of two fleas ( C.S. Lewis on materialistic thoughts ( Darwin's real message—have you missed It? ( Evolution as philosophy ( Evolution as religion ( Whose god? The theological response to the god-of-the-gaps ( Naturalism in the light of reality ( If God created the universe, then who created God? ( The old 'Who created God?' canard revisited ( Atheism is more rational? ( 'It's not science' ( The religious nature of evolution ( More articles on the philosophical nature of evolution ( The `Big Think` video featuring Dr Krauss can be viewed here ( Produced by: Creation Ministries International 2017-01-24 Creation Ministries International,CMI,Genesis,Bible,creation,evolution,science,scientific,creationism,Lawrence Krauss,Big Think,atheism,morality,truth,religion,faith,child abuse,Think Bigger

CMI: Teaching creationism is child abuse? (Part 2) 2017-01-24 CMI: Teaching creationism is child abuse? (Part 2) 2017-01-24